The Metaphysical Mayhem to Come


I am very excited about the relaunching of Prosblogion. When I was a masters student, I would regularly read this blog. This was one of the few blogs for a regular dose of philosophy of religion. It was difficult to find good, quality content on philosophy of religion on the interwebz. Prosblogion was such a blessing at the time, and it’s demise has been dearly missed. Of course, since the end of Prosblogion, there is a deep sense in which the internet has not really changed. On the one hand, so much of the internet is filled with hacks, spouting inchoate musings on religion. Ideologues masquerading as public intellectuals. People who wouldn’t be able to identify a cogent argument if it hit them in the face. On the other hand, most academics have no clue how to speak to a wider audience. (Well, most academics don’t know how to speak to any kind of audience, but let’s not go there.) With the resurrection of Prosblogion, one might find a bit of hope. Hope that the contributors will bring reliable and rigourous reflections on philosophy and theology. Hope that the contributors will bring a bit of class and style to an otherwise drab and dark world. And yet, for whatever reason, I have been invited to contribute to this thing. So don’t go around expecting me to class up the joint. That is certainly not what one should expect from the R.T. Mullins. No, of course not! In my wake only comes sarcasm and snark. Time am I, destroyer of worlds. So expect a great deal of metaphysical mayhem, rigorous analytic theology, and that sarcastic tongue that you all know and love. And if you are lucky, maybe I will give some previews of the books that I am writing. Stay tuned, nerds. This is going to be a wild ride.

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