Craig's view on God and Time


Question concerning Craig's view on God and Time:


Craig holds to a relational view of time and so if change is not happening then there is no time.


Was it possible for God to create the big bang singularity and never let it expand and remain as a singularity?


It seems that the big bang singularity, if it remained a singularity, would be changeless. If this is the case then is God considered temporal in this scenario or timeless?


On the one hand there is now a before and after in God's life and it seems that the creation of the singularity would mean God is now temporal. However, the singularity would be changeless which would make it timeless. God would also not be performing any new actions and so would remain changeless until a new action is performed, which would make him timeless.


Am I missing something or is this a problem for his view?